Can Kansas Do It Finally?

By Suhas Ingly 02/07/2014

Although the town of Lawrence took a little heat off weed in 2006 when it imposed a combination of fines, treatments and jail terms for marijuana incidents, things in the Sunshine State are otherwise looking gloomy. According to the Kansas Marijuana Project, some politicians do not even want to talk about it.

Kansas has the unenviable reputation of having the harshest penalties for handling weed strains anywhere in the States. Even a single ounce can put you away for twelve months, with a repetition costing you up to $10,000 plus a further forty-two months. However not everybody has given up hope just yet for legal marijuana dispensaries.

One such crusader is David Mulford. He is alive today despite his crippling muscle cramps, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy only because of the marijuana oil he injected himself directly. “It was a miracle, an absolute miracle,” he proclaimed when interviewed by the Kansas City Star for the January 10, 2014 edition. He is hoping that Kansas will follow the Colorado lead, complete an honest weed review, and legitimize medical marijuana.

According to Wikipedia, manufacturers obtain hash oil using a solvent extractive process. This can be highly dangerous owing to the presence of butane oil. We strongly recommend amateur potheads do not try it, especially as it is already illegal in California. This risk is what drives David Mulford on in his campaign for a marijuana dispensary in his hometown of Hutchinson.

He has testified unsuccessfully to legislators before. “What we’re asking is that they listen to us, that we’re allowed to present our evidence, that they allow us to make our argument, and then go from there,” he says. He has an ally in the form of Wichita Representative Gail Finney, who went down fighting in 2009. She thinks events in Colorado have given many Kansans fresh resolve to fight for a weed dispensary law.

Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick is a further breeze of hope for devotees of weed who love being legal too. While his predecessor blocked all efforts to debate the merits of medical marijuana dispensaries, he has pledged not to stand in the way. “The speaker is personally not in favor of medical marijuana,” his communications director stated. “However, any member who wishes to introduce a bill and have it go through the committee process is welcome to do so.”

Further support for an objective weed review comes from the Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature. That body of over 400,000 folk sixty-five and older voted by two-thirds majority to permit medical marijuana in October 2013. That could be half the votes needed to ignite the flame of freedom.

It is still early days, although nonprofit Fire it Up Kansas already has a draft bill in its filing cabinet. This movement believes there is a real possibility that Kansas could make 2014 the year it finally got it right. They just need sufficient supporters who understand the wisdom of weed dispensaries, and the power their healing brings.



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