New Jersey Couple to Move for Marijuana

By Rebecca McCurry 03/06/2014

New Jersey Couple, Brian and Meghan Wilson, were in the news back in June 2013 because they helped to change New Jersey's law on medical marijuana. Their two and a half year old daughter, Vivian, suffers from Dravet Syndrome, which is a rare and serious form of epilepsy that could eventually take the girl's life. Throughout the course of Vivian's short life, she had been in the hospital 20 times already and has had convulsions that lasted an hour.

In the state of New Jersey, children that suffer from serious conditions are legally able to use medical marijuana. The Wilson's helped make it possible for children to get a medical marijuana card so they can get an edible form of marijuana to help with their conditions. Six months after the state passed the law, the changes have yet to be made.

This leaves the family no other choice but to move to another state where their daughter can get edible medical marijuana for her epilepsy. The couple will consider moving back to New Jersey if and when the state gets their medical marijuana program running. Right now, the family is looking for a house in the Denver, Colorado area, where it will be possible for their daughter to get the medicine needed for her symptoms.

The Wilson's have received a lot of negativity for their decision to allow their daughter to be treated with medical marijuana at such a young age. Meghan stated that she does not want her daughter to smoke the marijuana. There are other states that sell a tincture version of cannabis that can be put into foods. Cannabis is a much better option for Vivian because her seizures and her prescription barbiturates are known to kill brain cells.

A strain of cannabis has shown to stop Vivian's seizures, leaving her with no side effects. This strain does not get the young girl high because it does not contain THC, which is what gets individuals high.

Many doctors, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics are all strongly against the use of medical marijuana for children. Orrin Devinsky, Vivian's neurologist and director of the New York University Comprehensive Epilepsy Center supports the Wilsons' decision to get their daughter medical marijuana because of the severity of her condition. He also said, though, that "more studies are needed."

In October 2013, Governor Chris Christie removed some of the barriers that prevented children from using medical marijuana after a very public battle with the Wilsons. A bill was signed by the governor allowing other strains of marijuana, including the edible kind, to become available to children. Unfortunately though, none of the dispensaries have these products available yet.

New Jersey has taken small steps towards allowing young medical marijuana card holders to receive the types of cannabis needed for their condition. The Wilsons do not want to stay in Colorado forever, and they hope that their move is only going to be temporary.

To learn more about New Jersey's policies on medical marijuana, visit The State of New Jersey Department of Health


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