Your Ticket to Medical Marijuana

By Richard Farrell 04/29/2014

At the time of writing, 20 states had legalized medical marijuana with signs of more to come. When we reach the tipping point of 50% plus 1, we may finally see action on Capitol Hill. In the interim, distinct regulatory patterns are emerging. This makes it possible to write a general article on how to get a medicinal marijuana card, and start to heal yourself organically.

  1. First Principles – Can you get cover? Get a copy of the regulations and find out whether your condition is on the official list. If it is not, you may be able to apply for an exception.

  1. The Process – Understand the rules applying in your state and accept the fact that you must comply with them exactly in order to get approval. Without this, you could face a stiff penalty for trying to heal yourself.

  1. Caregivers – Given that you may already have a preferred source of your medical weed, find out the local rules for caregivers - and whether they may register. If not, prepare to pay a higher price.

  1. The Limits – Each state sets its own rules for cultivation and possession. You may be able to grow your own from good weed stock. Official outlets may only supply small quantities. Are these enough for your condition?

  1. Across Borders – Some administrations allow marijuana identity cards from other states. If you live near Rhode Island, Michigan, Maine, Delaware or Arizona this could widen your range of choices.

  1. Identity – You need to prove who you are with a passport, social security card or driver’s license. If you are under age in terms of your state’s rules, then you have to ask your parents or guardian for written permission.

  1. Residence – Your state may only assist you if you live within the territory. Any recent valid document containing your address and name is usually good enough. Mortgage statements and rental agreements come in handy.

  1. Recommendation – Make sure your medical doctor’s written recommendation is on their letterhead with contact details. They must confirm a medical condition on the list, and agree that medical marijuana is appropriate.

  1. Application – You just need to complete the application form with all fields filled in and all instructions met. If you do that, and you meet all the rules then you chances should be excellent. Minors require parental / guardian assistance.

  1. Applying – All that’s left for you to do is visit the office and pay the application fee which can be anywhere between $100 and $250. Do not trip over the final hurdle. If you need to make an appointment, do so.

Finally, we emphasize the need to do everything within the rules. You may just have the bad luck to come up against a government official who is anti-medical marijuana and looking for reasons to say no. We are not saying this is anything like the general rule. We are just reinforcing the need to work within the system.


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