How to Buy a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Denver Colorado

By Richard Farrell 05/01/2014

The Capital of the Centennial State boasts more than the Southern Rocky Mountains and the Western Great Plains. It is also a great place to shop for juicy steaks, award-winning wines, independent brewing companies, and medicinal social and medical marijuana.

Since the landmark decision to liberate weed strains, Colorado cannabis entrepreneurs have been eyeballing a market worth an estimated $45 Billion nationwide. The Centennial State was a magnet for pioneers from ancient Pueblo people to those who won marijuana freedom for the people in Denver and beyond.

A new brand of entrepreneurs has emerged in the form of commercial marijuana pioneers, who are prepared to accept a challenge and open a weed store while the pickings are good. We say a challenge because there is an element of risk in any business. If you are planning to open a marijuana outlet in Colorado, then this article is for you.

The simplest way to go about it is to acquire an existing licensed canna-medicine outlet, and convert it to a canna-business so you can sell both kinds of weed. This is also the only practical way currently, since new business applications are frozen over until 2016. The first thing to get your mind around is how Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries work.

The law requires you to grow and process at least 70% of your stock yourself, on the basis that you may procure the balance locally from another licensed supplier. Every stage of your seed-to-weed program must be tracked in a detailed log. Before you buy an existing business, make sure the paperwork is in place. Medical marijuana inspections are random and unannounced.

These complex regulations add an extra cost to cannabis trade otherwise only found in drug laboratories and high tech industries. It may be a pain but it is definitely worth the effort to consult the law personally, as opposed to relying on what other people think it says. We cannot overemphasize the importance of including compliance costs in your business plan.

Your next step is to compare your cost of purchases, always bearing in mind that you can charge more for popular ones. If you are having difficulty tracking down quality seeds and heads, just click on the Weed Lynx connection, and your troubles will be over.

The most popular medical weed strain in Colorado may well be Brazilian Amazonia. It smells like sweet incense, yet has a taste like lemonade. BA provides instant pain relief, while providing the warm sensation of sitting at the fireside on a cool night. Cinderella comes a close second with a zestful fruity taste. Critics recommend it for stress and depression treatment in the daytime, and a great high at night.

When you have your business plan in place and your suppliers sourced, your next port of call is marketing, which is how you find your customers. Watch this space for the lowdown on increasing sales. This could propel you to new heights of profit.


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