How Big a Pot of Money

By Richard Farrell 05/12/2014

he media are full of speculation as to how large the American medical marijuana industry could grow, bearing in mind that 20 States and the District of Columbia have already sanctioned medical weed, with New York Governor Cuomo aggressively pursuing the option. According to ArcView Group, a new dawn is breaking with 68% growth forecast for 2014.

According to 25CNBC, this could be just the tip of the iceberg, given that ongoing federal threats of prosecution are deterring users from coming out the closet currently, but this is bound to end. If one compares potential marijuana sales with turnover in the tobacco and alcohol markets, the numbers get so big it is hard to comprehend them.

Savvy investors chasing what some call the ‘billion dollar green rush” are already predicting a $10.2 billion pot of cannabis within five years. There has been ‘a remarkable evolution in the cannabis industry’ according the ArcView market researchers. The company specializes in providing start-up capital to social and medical marijuana entrepreneurs. They are clearly prepared to put their dollars into more than dreams.

The industry is already spinning off into non-smoking alternatives such as capsules, edibles and vapors. This makes sense. Not everybody likes the taste and the way their clothes smell afterwards. Restaurants are not exactly falling over to welcome heady clouds of cannabis floating overhead. Pre-dinner medication prior to leaving home is likely to remain the preferred option.

New businesses emerging to provide alternative ways to ease the chronic pain of illness - and the side effects of medication - include the Edible Events Co. This company specializes in supplying tasty treats with a bang of difference at after conference cocktail evenings, bachelorette parties, girls’ weekends and even après ski chill-out sessions. As a further spinoff, they help travelers ‘explore the world while enjoying top-notch cannabis’. Goodbye boring wine tastings, hello brave new world.

To get around the legalities, owner Jane West arranges bring your own events at this time. While her clients enjoy a puff of superb weed strains that make them feel their best, her waitrons circulate with trays heaped high with snacks designed to counter dry cottonmouths. Top of the pops are her bacon skewers laced with dried poblano pepper and finished off with sweet corn chowder. Breads, crackers and pretzels are conspicuous by their absence.

Pundits are already forecasting the emergence of national brands. Known names are a great crowd puller to those who demand the same quality every time. Franchises could be another option soon, and those with market experience will undoubtedly move to the front of the queue. Ten years from now Americans may look back and say that 2014 was the best opportunity to get into the emerging American marijuana scene.

There will always be space for small time home farmers, just like there are always customers for home brewed beer. Home-based opportunities could include anything ranging from bath salts to muscle relief lotions to cannabis infused chocolates. Weed Lynx has successfully sourced reliable suppliers of every imaginable weed strain. Click here to stay in touch with developments and start accumulating wealth.


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