How to Start a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

By Richard Farrell 05/14/2014

Most forward-thinking American States accept that medical marijuana makes scientific sense, and that sufferers in discomfort from chronic pain have a right to ease it with a weed that has soporific calming effects. They also agree that the worst afflicted have the right to have it delivered to them, and register Carers to perform this act of kindness.

In States where this is permitted, licensed Carers may grow marijuana for that purpose in small quantities. This allows them to cover their operational costs, and perhaps make a little extra on the side. This is in many ways a perfect solution to an age-old problem. In this article, we explore the Six Essential Steps to achieving it. Later we plan to extend each of these.

  1. Keep it Legal – it is pointless cutting corners with legalities. If you do, you may be caught in the backlash, pay a huge fine for illegal trafficking and spend years in jail. Our advice is consult a lawyer, touch bases with law enforcement, and discuss your plans with the local community.

  1. Check out the City Ordinance – Many Cities tighten up on State Laws to suit their purposes. Make sure your lawyer in is your local area, and has bottomed out on City regulations for the supply of medical marijuana. Some Cities have even banned medical cannabis dispensaries completely.

  1. Have a Business Plan – There is no point in going further unless you are convinced that your sales are going to cover your purchases and expenses, with something left over to support yourself. You may need financial backers to kick-start the operation. Are you going to be a single / joint proprietorship, or a corporation? Which weed are you going to grow?

  1. Choose the Right Location –Site your cannabis dispensary close to customers so you save delivery costs. You also need to watch out for more restrictions. You may not be allowed to locate it in a residential area, or near a school bus route, the school itself, a public park or a church.

  1. Select Your Premises – If all lights are green, it is time to turn your attention to the actual premises. It is best to own your own, so you have an asset to sell and no landlord hassles. If you choose to rent, make sure the owner agrees to what you are doing in the lease.

  1. Dive In and Get Moving – This is the point where all entrepreneurs suffer from a mix of nerves and uncertainly. You can rest assured that Bill Gates, and Richard Branson and Steve Jobs did so many times. Remember this; the only way to learn to swim is to get into the water.

Following these six easy steps is a sure fire way to start a medical marijuana dispensary that is legal and profitable. If you are looking for a source of equipment, seeds, plants and off-the-shelf medical marijuana, then there is only one place to locate a supplier and that is Weed Lynx.


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