New Medical Marijuana Facility Set to Open in Oregon

By Richard Farrell 06/06/2014

The vintage storefront of Store No. 2 was a hot spot 80 years ago because it was one of the four destinations in Oregon where residents could purchase booze during the prohibition era. The name of the store made no indication as to what they sold, and when it opened up in 1934, residents no longer had to purchase bootleg liquor.

Fast forward to the present day. This historical store will soon become the home for Pure Green, a medical marijuana facility run by Matthew and Meghan Walstatter. After watching the House Bill 3460 passed, which is Oregon's dispensary law, they decided to make an attempt to enter into the world of medical marijuana as a lucrative business idea.

The couple has been growing their own marijuana since 2005. Matthew regularly smokes marijuana to reduce nausea and other symptoms that relate to his gastrointestinal disorder. Meghan also smokes marijuana, occasionally, for her own medical issues.

Whether or not Pure Green is successful is up to Meghan and Matthew's knowledge about medical marijuana and the different types of cannabis medicine. The couple plans on relying on other medical marijuana growers in Oregon to supply them with what they need to run the shop, but they will also be supplying some of their own marijuana as well.

Matthew and Meghan have high hopes for Pure Green and plan to one day offer 20 different strands of medical cannabis at any given time, as well as other products containing marijuana, such as candies, soda, ice cream, and marijuana concentrates.

It was quite a challenge for the Walstatter's to find a willing landlord for their facility. The couple ended up calling hundreds of commercial property owners, and many of them were reluctant to do business with them. They made a point to not sound like they were trying to set up a head shop. Finally though, they found Store. No. 2.

Oregon was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana, but the state has not allowed medical marijuana retailers to sell it. This will all change on March 2, 2014, but the Walstatter's plan to open their doors up earlier than that, which is taking a big risk. However, Matt's marijuana business lawyer has went over all 30 pages of the rules that medical marijuana retailers must abide by, and the couple is certain that their facility will meet all of the requirements when they open.

The Walstatters didn't know about Store. No. 2's history before signing the lease. They are excited to set up shop in such a historical place. "This is a pretty amazing historical parallel. If you're the kind of person who believes in synchronicity rather than coincidence, it seems to tell us we were headed in the right direction. We thought it was a good sign," said Matthew.


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