Marijuana Legalisation Likely To Effect 2014 US Election

By Shivank Joshi 07/24/2014

As officially announced the 2014 US election will be held in coming month of November. The main agenda like earlier is – Marijuana legalisation. Namely, the Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C has formed alliance to legalise weed. However, the decriminalisation of cannabis will effect on the basis of signatures submitted by the particular states. As the 2012 marijuana initiative faced issues, but the 2014 version will not be facing any issues.


This time the main focus will be towards usage of medical marijuana for curing several patients and decrease the criminal act's that were being pointed out. For beginners, the age limit will be stated as 21years and same is legal for dispensaries. Actually, the main difference revolves around cultivation and possession limits.


The weed initiative campaign of different states have different plans. Where Colorado allows the cannabis users to grow 4-5 strain plants, the Oregon gives freedom of cultivating 6 mature plants. On the other hand, there is no cultivation program supported in Washington. There are many questions rising on the topic of weed legalisation. As the elections come more closer the new laws on marijuana will be introduced by government. All what is expected that some good news will be soon revealed regarding medical marijuana and weed dispensaries.


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