What are the best 5 strains to treat ADHD?

By Reed 08/05/2014

5 years ago, I went to my local physician and requested the use of medical marijuana to treat my ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). After stating my case, the doctor proceeded to scratch her head, give me a blank stare, and say, "really?... Cannabis for ADHD? You've got to be kidding me". Since that time, there has been much more information published about the use of medical marijuana to treat ADHD and doctors have become more accepting.

Most resources will tell you that Sativas are the best medicine to treat conditions such as ADHD, but some peeople disagree with this and say that a true Indica with a high CBD percentage is the only medicine that will help them. This just goes to show how cannabis reacts to everyones body differently and no single strain is the best medicine for everyone. So instead of trying to highlight the best single strain to help with ADHD symptoms, we've analyzed our database of the worlds best cannabis strains to bring you the top 5 strains to treat ADHD and ADD. And here they are...

1. Jack Herer, sativa. Jack Herer has a very euphoric high. With a very uplifting and heady/cerebral high, Jack Herer gives it's users the mental energy it takes to tackle any task at hand. A great strain for the morning time and mid-day sessions.

2. G13 Haze, hybrid. This is a great hybrid strain and the perfect balance of both worlds. The G13 brings a nice mellow body high that helps to relax people with hyperactive tension, while the Haze lineage adds an uplifting head high that does not cloud the brain and allows for more focus.

3. Cinderella 99 (C99), sativa dominant hybrid. C99 represents a hybrid of 60% sativa, and 40% Indica. Patients like to use Cinderalla 99 for their ADHD because it provides a full spectrum of healing to help them with both their body and mind. Just enough Indica to relax them and but still slightly sativa dominant, so they can still function throughout the day.

4. Bubba Kush, indica dominant hybrid. Another popular strain at dispensaries, Bubba Kush, and a very relaxed and mellow high that allows users to focus on the task at hand and not be too overwhelmed with the stone.

5. Blue Dream, sativa dominant hybrid. One of the main reasons this has made the list is because Blue Dream is available everywhere. Walk into any California dispensary and it's almost a guarentee that you'll see Blue Dream on the shelves. So many people are medicating with this strain that it has become a favorite treatment for ADHD, just by shear volume alone. And if you haven't tried it yet... you're living in the 00's.

To view more strains that help with ADHD, as well as many other symptoms, check out our strain guide to see if there are any new strains that you're looking for.


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