The Scoop on Georgia Medical Cannabis Study

By Rebecca McCurry 09/08/2014

Georgia is not one of the 23 states with a medical marijuana bill, but on August 27, 2014, the first of five hearings of the Georgia Medical Cannabis Joint Study Committee began. At the meeting the members of the committee gathered information provided by expert witnesses and public testimonies. The information began to help them determine if the best course of action would be to enact legislation allowing patients with qualifying conditions to use prescription medical marijuana.

Georgia state representative, Allen Peake told Atlanta Progressive News, “We are going to learn from the hearings if there are other diagnoses that are worth looking at and evaluating to see if medical cannabis does provide a solution. In a terminal illness situation, I think it is something to look at.” Peake was pleased with how the first meeting turned out. Peake explained, “It is imperative that we, as lawmakers, do everything within our means to study medical cannabis, so we can help those families who are suffering from a terminal illness here in Georgia find a solution – one that will not require them to travel outside of our state, thus becoming ‘medical refugees.’”

Many families over the course of a couple of years moved to Colorado from Georgia to take advantage of the medical marijuana law. In Colorado, they’re able to treat their children using cannabis oil to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy.

Paige Figgi, mother of a seven-year-old little girl, spoke at Georgia’s first committee. She explained to the group how her daughter would suffer from 1,200 seizures a month when she was only two years old. After trying all types of medications, Paige started using cannabis oil, and her daughter’s seizures greatly reduced down to only one or two a month.

Matt Cook, a regulatory expert for alcohol and medical marijuana also spoke at the committee. He explained, “If you know where it’s at and know who is growing, you can regulate. If you don’t regulate, it’s going to end up on the black market, but if you over-regulate and over-tax this industry, you will push people to the black market.”


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