Crowdfunding site for Medical Marijuana Patients

By Rebecca McCurry 10/06/2014

A new site launch, referred to as the “first of its kind,” is a platform designed to help cannabidiol and medical marijuana patients gain donations to purchase their medicine. is a social crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to create their own crowdfunding campaign and use methods to reach out to friends, family members, social networks, and like-minded individuals to try to gather donations.

According to the website, “you create your own campaign, you promote it everywhere you can, you raise the funds you need. You keep your donations.” The website also has a page titled “Tips For a Successful Campaign ,” which offers helpful advice for the most successful campaign including properly planning the campaign, being honest, including pictures and videos, and making a list of potential contributors.

The founder and president of Steven Bloome explained, “Patients with severe, limiting, and often life-threatening conditions such as child epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, PTSD, spinal cord injuries, cancers, and other debilitating afflictions are the same patients who need these medicines the most when traditional medicines are providing any relief. Ironically, these are also typically the same patients who can least afford the treatments and medicine(s) they so desperately need. That just didn’t seem right.”

The website can be used for anything a patient may need to obtain their medication including lodging, food, travel, state medical cards, their medications, and anything else relating to the medicine. Bloome also discussed the original idea behind the website, “What started as a simple idea to help families of epileptic children to afford to travel to a state where they could get the CBD treatments such as CBD oil or tinctures to help control their child’s constant seizures, seemed to expand very quickly.” is only available throughout the United States currently, and it’s important for patients to understand the individual state laws pertaining to medical marijuana to avoid potential prosecution. Tests are currently being performed to offer the crowdfunding service throughout Canada in the near future as well.


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