LeafLine Labs LLC Wins Approval in Cottage Grove MN

By Rebecca McCurry 10/08/2014

Earlier this month, Minnesota began accepting applications for companies interested in becoming one of the two certified growers of medical marijuana in the state. Shortly after this, Cottage Grove City Council granted their unanimous approval of a conditional use permit and contract between LeafLine Labs LLC and the economic development agency in Cottage Grove. In a public hearing held on September 17, 2014, president of LeafLine Peter Bachman, spoke in depth about their business plans, including their ideas for security, employee screening, and the building layout.

“[Peter] Bachman talked about security requirements, external, internal surveillance. All state-of-the-art. All current standards. They talked about the alarm systems, and also talked about transportation, how the product moved. With employees, card access, credentialing, backgrounds, fingerprints. I wish we had that standard for a lot of businesses.” Cottage Grove Police Chief Craig Woolery explained, pleased with what he heard during the hearing.

Few people at the public hearing were critical of LeafLine’s plans and expressed their concerns with the overall security of the facility and the odor of the residual waste. During the hearing, however, these concerns, as well as many others, were addressed. “Company and city officials responded that the plant is designed to ensure smell would not be an issue. And they said the state would be enforcing standards for safe waste disposal.”

LeafLine Labs LLC will be a 24-acre medical marijuana farm in Cottage Grove and could bring up to 150 jobs to the city. Although the affiliates of LeafLine are members of the Bachman family, owners of Bachman’s Floral Gifts and Garden Stores throughout the Twin Cities, the medical marijuana growing facility will be a separate entity from the family business entirely.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, “The Commissioner will require select manufacturers to supply medical cannabis products to patients by July 1, 2015. The legislation provides for a six-month extension of this deadline if the state encounters delays in selecting a manufacturer, or if the manufacturer encounters delays in production of the medical cannabis products.”


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