Proposed Regulation Regarding Caregiver Limits Dropped in CO

By Rebecca McCurry 10/13/2014

The state’s health authorities only rejected a proposed new law in Colorado that planned to limit caregivers to 10 or few patients after listening to testimonies from multiple caregivers. During the hearing, parents of children with severe forms of epilepsy spoke out about how they would be affected by this strict limit if it were to be put in place. These caregivers are designated to grow medical marijuana on behalf of patients, and currently, there are only four caregivers in the state that would have been affected by the limit, but these four serve over close to 100 patients.


Parents at the hearing spoke about their children's conditions, and they explained how the cannabis-derived oil helped to manage their symptoms from epilepsy, significantly improving their quality of life. Their greatest fear about these strict limits were “losing access to caregiver-grown pot treatments that aren't available in dispensaries.”


Jason Cranford of CannLabs is one of the four caregivers, and he spent six years perfecting a strain that would help reduce seizures. During the hearing he vowed that even if it meant breaking the law, he would continue to help all of his patients, “What you're asking me to do is put children's blood on my hands, and I'm not willing to do that.” Health officials suggested during the hearing that parents could try to grow their high-CBD medication for their children, which Cranford replied, “Their children are in wheelchairs. Do you not see this? Do you think they have time to sit in a garden?”


Caregivers and parents were relieved with the outcome of the hearing though when they found out the Board denied the hard 10-patient cap. Instead of the cap, the Board wants to “enforce stricter guidelines for getting those waivers to grow on behalf of many patients.” Caregivers, nonprofit marijuana providers are supposed to obtain a waiver if they want to serve more than five patients at a time, but only one-percent of the state's total has done so. 


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