Pennsylvania Takes Steps Towards Medical Marijuana Legalization

By Rebecca 11/03/2014

Medical marijuana is at the top of the agenda for the Pennsylvania state senate, which is set to reconvene again on Monday, September 15, 2014. The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, bipartisan Senate Bill 1182, was passed on June 27th by Senate's Law and Justice Committee, the votes were unanimous.


Since all the votes are in, Senator Mike Folmer hopes they can begin moving out of appropriations and onto the full senate floor on Monday. He explained, “We have the votes, but we just need to get through the political process, and that can be very slow because our government is never really meant to be fast. The bill gives people an alternative to some of these other medications that are out there that are either not working, or people just don’t like the side effects, it’s probably one of the best pieces of medical cannabis bills in the country, and it could be used as model legislation.”


At this time, it's still unsure if the bill will pass, but the majority of Pennsylvania is in favor of medical marijuana. In March of 2014, a poll was taken at Quinnipiac University, and it concluded 85 percent of voters were in favor of medical marijuana.


Many Pennsylvania parents are hoping the bill is passed soon so their children will debilitating conditions will soon have relief. “The bill doesn't propose getting children high or making them smoke, he said. It would allow in-state physicians to prescribe medicinal cannabis for numerous conditions, including the seizure disorders for which a low-THC cannabis oil has shown effective.” Parents, such as Lolly Myers, will do anything for their children to receive the help they deserve. Myer's has a 6-year old daughter with an intractable form of epilepsy, which led to ten prescription medications, which didn't seem to help.


Republican Governor Tom Corbett stands opposed to the bill, only stating that he supports the limited access “for children with severe seizure disorders.


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